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thiadiazole derivativesRubber additive/auxiliaries:1. TDDS efficient environmental protection cross linking agent vulcanizing agent: (the same as Echo.A. ) CAS no: 51988-14-8 efficient environmental protection vulcanizing agent, rubber auxiliary, DMTD dimercaptothiodiazole vulcanizing, CPE chlorinated polyethylene cross linking 2. Actor512A/B vulcanizing agent for special rubber(chloroprene rubber) (the same as Vanax 882A. 829 ) vulcanizing agent, extreme antiwear additive, lubricant additive, CAS no:72676-55-2, metallic antioxidant 3. ACCEL808(Vanax808 CAS no:68411-20-1, butyraldehyde anilin-condensate, accelerant 808, dimercaptothiodiazole vulcanizing accelerant 4. MTT cross linking agent for chloroprene rubber the same as MTT-80: CAS no:1908-87-8, pharmaceutical intermediates, cross linking agent MTT,  3-methyl-2-Thiazolidinethione, mercaptothiazoline, 2-thiazolidine thion5. BF (NC) vulcanizing accelerant : accelerant BF, dimercaptothiadiazole cross linking, accelerant NC, accelerant882B, CPE chlorinated polyethylene accelerant for vulcanizing Pharmaceutical intermediates:DMTD dimercaptothiodiazole: CAS no: 1072-71-5, extrem antiwear additive,lubricant additive, rubber vulcanizing agent, rubber vulcanization agent ,pharmaceutical intermediate, bismuththiol, metallic antioxidant,dimercapto thiodiazole DMTD 2.H4MT mercaptothiazoline/2-thiazolidinethion: CAS no:96-53-7 , 2-Thiazolidinethione , pharmaceutical intermediate, mercaptothiazoline3. HOMT Thiazolidone :CAS no:2682-49-7 fosthiazate, lythidathion, fungicide, pesticide, plant growth modifier, thiazolidone4.TMT Acetic acid, 2-[(4,5-dihydro-5-thioxo-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)thio]- : cephems antibiotic compound,medicament intermediate Lubricant additive:lubricant additiveTH561(the same as CUVAN 826) new metallic passivator and antioxidant: metallic antioxidant, CAS no: 13539-13-4 extreme antiwear additive, lubricant additive, antioxidantCPE,SCM(CM):1.SCM special rubber: special function rubber, chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber, rubber tube,cellophane tape, rubber belt,sellotape2.modified CPE rubber: fast speed vulcanize,high density crosslinking,special function rubber,chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber,rubber tube,sellotape Fine chemical:Dimercaptothiodiazole : lithium salt, zinc salt,sodium salt ,potassium salt,MBT-Na:Water treatment chemicals copper corrosion inhibitorSodium sulphide nonahydrate: sulfur dyestuff, leather depilatory, rayon denitration, dyeing auxiliary, sodium sulphide,including crystallization water, sodium sulphide or sulfuret,dyeing auxiliaryTMPTA:UV cureable coating, printing ink, photoresist, flexible printed matter, solder mask, resist, paint, polymer modification etc.TMPTMA:rubber modifier,curable printing ink of UV 、EB or heating,coating, adhesive
Company Profile
Company Name:YAN TAI HENG NUO CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Company Type:self-development ()
Location:ChinaCompany Size:
Registered Capital:10$USDRegistration Year:2008
Information Certification:
Business:actor-tdds (as echoa),accelbf/nc(as vanax 882b),actor-512(as vanax829),lubricant additive th561
Sales of products:actor-tdds (as echoa),accelbf/nc(as vanax 882b),actor-512(as vanax829),lubricant additive th561
Main business:
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